Humble Book Bundle: Hacking 2.0 – Will you learn anything ?

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Bundles like this are always unique and everyone is interested in this topic and that’s hacking.

From basics to advanced and penetrating, inside of this bundle you will learn everything and you will go in-deep with hacking.

Some of the titles here are:

  • Malware Data Science: Attack Detection and Attribution
  • Linux Basics for Hackers: Getting Started with Networking, Scripting, and Security in Kali
  • Attacking Network Protocols: A Hacker’s Guide to Capture, Analysis, and Exploitation
  • Serious Cryptography: A Practical Introduction to Modern Encryption and much more…

Like you see, you get training like you could never get just from reading these books, because it’s not all theory in them.

You have successful examples of hacking inside of them and you can literally learn directly from it.

I would honestly suggest it to everyone who’s interested even little bit in hacking, cryptography and net security, because you will always have that knowledge from these books.

These books inside of them are worth combined $475 and they’re selling it for $15.

So, you can click button below and check out the whole button to see if you like it more or not.

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