Book Bundle: Open Source Bookshelf – Written for Developers from Experts

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This bundle comes from expert developers and it’s meant for developers, no matter if you’re beginner or advanced developer, this is something you should definitely check out.

Inside of it, there’s $362 worth of books and they’re actually going for $15, so that’s the one time deal.

Some of the titles in this bundle are :

  • Progressive Web Apps with Preact
  • Nest.js: A Progressive Node.js Framework
  • Vue.js: Understanding its Tools and Ecosystem
  • Chatbots for eCommerce
  • TensorFlow For Machine Intelligence and bunch of others…

Also, what I respect in this bundle is how much knowdledge you get inside of this books that you can read for weeks and study from them.

If you have any interest in development, you should get this bundle by clicking button below and checking all the books inside of it because you definitely won’t regret!


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