Humble Book Bundle: Programmable Boards – Very Specific and Targeted!

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If you think this is only for programming, you’re damn wrong. This bundle is for people that love robotics, electronics, programming, boards etc.

The fact that this bundle is so specific, it makes it very unique and for only specific audience.

It’s hard to be interested in this if you don’t know anything on this topic.

Some of the titles in this bundle are :

  • Make: Getting Started with Raspberry Pi
  • Getting Started with Arduino
  • Make: Lego and Arduino Projects
  • Getting Started with Sensors and much more

As you can see this books aren’t so much about theory, they’re more guides to show you how to make something.

Honestly, this bundle is like gold mine if you actually implement what you learn from these books. Even one book read can make you more money than you paid for whole bundle.

Bundle has worth of $500+ on all books combined and it’s going for only $15 so click the button below and check the full bundle!

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