Humble Book Bundle: STEM Bookshelf – Everything on Science, Technology, Engineering etc.

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This bundle is a real banger and I’m really glad they published it for us.

It has everything on science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Also it’s brought by Mercury Learning so you know the quality is top notch.

So, it would be stupid if I didn’t tell you some of the books inside of bundle.

Here are only few titles from many :

  • Electrical Engineering Exam Prep
  • Mathematical Methods for Physics
  • Microsoft Excel Functions & Formulas
  • AutoCAD 2020 Beginning and Intermediate
  • SAP FI and much more…

If you’re interested in one of the four subjects I mentioned earlier, than this bundle is what you need.

It has $940+ worth of cool stuff that you learn from and it’s selling for only $15 and that’s why I think this deal is must get!

Not only that you will learn from these, but they are also quite interesting to read and they can kill boredom.

I really suggest everyone to get this bundle or click button below to see all the books and then decide.


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